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Jackie Goldstein

Jackie Goldstein

Chief Content Manager für


Jackie ist Chief Content Manager für und verantwortlich für das Verwalten, Bearbeiten und Entwickeln von qualitativ hochwertigen Inhalten für die Webseite. Seine Vorgeschichte umfasst das Entwickeln von Software von Webseiten, sowie Online-Marketing (d.h. SEO, PPC, CPA, usw.)
Michael Cyger – All About Domain Names

An Interview with Michael Cyger, Publisher of DomainSherpa & DNAcademy

Whether you are a start-up looking for you first domain or a skilled “domainer” (domain investor), there is always a lot to learn about domains and the domain industry. Michael Cyger has been at the forefront of providing practical, real-world domain knowledge to people at all levels of experience, centered around his flagship DomainSherpa.  His efforts have been repeatedly recognized by the domaining industry and his awards include: Blog of the Year, Developer of the Year, and induction into the Domain Name Hall of Fame.

Michael shares with me the interesting path he has taken to get where he is today, how he sees the domain industry evolving, and his newest projects and future plans for DomainSherpa.

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Crazy Egg – Seeing How Visitors Use Your Site

An Interview with Sean Work, VP of Inbound, Crazy Egg

The Home page for the Crazy Egg web site has only two sentences on it:

What's making your visitors leave?
Find out by seeing how users click and scroll through your website

But that really sums up what the software does.  It visually shows you where visitors are clicking, scrolling, and leaving your web site.  This allows you to change and optimize the design of your web site in order to better convert your visitors for whatever goals you are aiming for.

I chatted with Sean Work of Crazy Egg about the importance of visitor and conversion optimization, the current state of awareness of existing tools, and the effect of mobile devices on user interactions

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Agiloft – Turning Users into (No-Code) Developers

An Interview with Colin Earl, CEO and Founder, Agiloft

Agiloft was born out of the frustration of its founder with the time it took to get changes made to enterprise software.   What started as a framework that allowed for changes to be made quickly – but still required coding - evolved into a platform that allowed for “no-code” application development before that was even a recognized term and concept.

Colin Earl discusses the benefits of such an approach as well as to why he never wanted to accept venture capital (VC) investments for his company.  He also shares some interesting methods that he uses to incentivize employees and align their values with the company’s values.

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Sitecues – Making the Internet Accessible for People With Diverse Needs and Abilities

An Interview with Marc Zablatsky,   Vice President & General Manager, Sitecues

Many people may think that the only reason to add accessibility support and features to a web site is because there are regulations that require it and that not doing so could result in serious penalties. While that may be one good reason to add accessibility features  to your web site,  such support also makes good business sense, allowing businesses to help seniors and baby boomers with age-related loss of vision, cognition, and dexterity. Marc Zablatsky explains why that is so and how web accessibility is going to evolve in the future.

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Kameleoon – Segmentation, Personalization, and A/B Testing

An Interview with Greg Thomas, Head of Marketing & Growth, Kameleoon

Are you leveraging the “big data” that you have already collected about your web site visitors and your customers?  Are you customizing the content and marketing messages on your web to match the specific needs and wants of those visitors? Greg Thomas will tell you that if you answered no to the above questions you are leaving a lot of money on the table – if not outright throwing money away. Not surprisingly, his company Kameleoon offers a tool to make it easier for you to optimize your visitors’ experiences and conversions on your web site.

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