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Jackie Goldstein

Jackie Goldstein

Chief Content Manager für


Jackie ist Chief Content Manager für und verantwortlich für das Verwalten, Bearbeiten und Entwickeln von qualitativ hochwertigen Inhalten für die Webseite. Seine Vorgeschichte umfasst das Entwickeln von Software von Webseiten, sowie Online-Marketing (d.h. SEO, PPC, CPA, usw.)
Black Friday-Cyber Monday Hosting Deals 2016

Electronics and clothing are not the only things on sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday - you can also get great savings on WordPress and other hosting packages from the leading hosting companies on HostAdvice!

We have collected for you the best discount offers for this coming weekend, from the  top-rated hosting companies on HostAdvice.  Check them out and lock in your savings for the new year.

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DataStax – Rethinking the Data Layer For Today’s Cloud Computing

An Interview with Karl Van den Bergh, Chief Marketing Officer at DataStax

It seems like every leading company today is talking about moving to the cloud – and for many good reasons.  But there still seems to be a major challenge, especially for companies that really want to change the way they do business and interact with their customers.  The challenge is having a database that is truly capable of massively scaling in today’s new world of cloud computing.

Karl Van den Bergh discusses the unique needs and demands on a database in a cloud environment and how he sees the transformation of cloud computing evolving in the future.

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NextPointHost – Meeting the Most Demanding Requirements of European Companies

An Interview with Genko Penev, Founder and CEO, NextPointHost

Genko Penev founded NextPointHost with the challenging goal of proving the highest levels of quality, performance, and support – even for the smallest of web sites. So far he seems to be succeeding, including specialty offerings such as Managed WordPress hosting, Forex VPS hosting, and cloud hosting, all at reasonable prices.

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Internet Usage Facts and Figures 2017


By the end of 2016, nearly 47% of people worldwide will use the internet—either through a desktop/laptop computer or a mobile device. But how are we using the internet? What sites are the most popular? How often do we immediately leave sites?  How much of our web usage is influenced by Google?

We have gathered the answers to these and other Internet usage questions for you, such as:

How much of the Internet traffic is only “bots?”
How many websites are built with WordPress?
How important is it to be found on the first page of Google?
How much time do we spend on social media?
What are the most popular sites? How many visitors do they get?
Who is the top hosting company?
What do the next 2-4 years have in store for us?

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