Kennedy Mbuvi

Autor: Kennedy Mbuvi

Ken is an expert in Linux System & Network Engineering, CMS Web & Software Development. Being a refined Telecom/Linux Engineer has enabled Ken to amass a wide gamut of practical technical skills and concepts. He's also been professionally registered as a Graduate Engineer (B8928) with Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK).

How to Use GnuPG keys for Encrypting Messages on Ubuntu 18.04

The GNUPG utilizes the public key cryptography to ensure messages are securely transmitted over the network. The users may also sign the messages to verify its authenticity. All of the popular applications such as your favorite email service provider and messenger apps utilizes some sort of public key cryptography to achieve the level of privacy they have.


How to install Redis Server on Ubuntu 18.04

The remote dictionary server is a noSQL database; stores data in a key-value pair that provides persistent storage. This is especially good for session management in web applications. It supports data structures such as strings, lists, hashes and sets.


How to set up Network File System on Ubuntu 18 Server

The NFS protocol is designed for file sharing over a computer network. A client on a network is allowed to access a file from another client (in the hard drive) as if it were its own. It provides a really quick and easy way to access remote systems. Here, we illustrate NFS setup on Ubuntu 18.04.


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