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Tamar Weinberg

Tamar Weinberg

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Mitarbeiter #6 bei Mashable, Schriftsteller für Lifehacker, Community Manager für Namecheap Inc.
Gideon Greenspan is the expert behind Copyscape. Here’s his story.

Interview with Gideon Greenspan, Co-Founder and CTO Copyscape Indigo Stream Technologies

Gideon Greenspan can best be described as a serial entrepreneur. He created the famous Copyscape and has been involved in more projects than most of us can count. We sat down with him to learn more about his experiences and how he went into plagiarism checking, among other things--and how (and why) he went for a Ph.D., and of course, his entrepreneurial talents.

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It’s a beautiful site… Cory LaViska talks about his design and development experience

Interview with Cory LaViska of Particle, SurrealCMS, and A Beautiful Site fame

A beautiful site is, well, beautiful. Its creator, Cory LaViska, has dabbled independently in a lot of excellent projects, and it's been really fun and exciting to hear about his journey and even to help advise him on some next steps!

Cory is currently building out a new CMS platform called Particle that looks awesome (screenshots after the jump) and he's done a lot of amazing things. I have to say I'm really excited to get to meet him and know him and discuss his plans for his projects. Here's more on Cory.

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PrestaShop’s female CEO tells all

Interview with Corinne Lejbowicz, CEO of PrestaShop

It is always heartening for me, a woman writer, to speak to women in our industry. It's especially wonderful to see those in leadership at our industry, since that happens so infrequently! Therefore, it was a delight to talk to Corinne who told us a bit about how PrestaShop started and how she made it to one of the most successful ecommerce platforms to speak of today. Here's her story.

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ShopSite’s ecommerce software makes it easy to buy and sell

Interview with Dave Hills, CEO of ShopSite

Many people may have heard of ShopSite. Perhaps you have not. It's been around forever--longer than many of the active shopping cart software tools out there, and it's pretty obvious why: it meets the needs of all types of buyers, with plans that serve each and every type of client.

We sat down with Dave Hills, the CEO of ShopSite, who has told us about the fun journey the company has had over the past 21 (!) years.

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With netlify, website maintenance has gotten even better

Interview with Matt Biilmann, Co-Founder and CEO and Chris Bach, Co-Founder and President of netlify

netlify is a company you may have not heard of yet, but in a few years, we think you might. The small company has promise to reinvent the Internet, targeting new sites not built on a CDN platform to create seamless and super fast user experiences. We sat down with Chris and Matt, the two co-founders, who described their vision for creating a new Internet. It's a really great story.

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