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VPS 12,72 € - 60,31 €

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Ivan Salatovic

Angepinnte Bewertung

Ivan Salatovic,
Rasche Abwicklung. Top Preis und sehr Kundenorientiert.
Nur zum weiterempfehlen!
Verwendeter Dienst
Guenther Wockelmann
Guenther Wockelmann von Südafrika,

After 4 years...

Within 4 weeks HostKings service level slipped so far down to disconnect a paid account without notice, disrupting file and data transfer badly. Asking myself, is this a new revenge policy for leaving? I noticed recently a signifi...Weiterlesencant drop in service quality and decided to change to another host. Your behavior is now childish and changed from bad service to disgusting.Weniger
Shaheer Jacobs
Shaheer Jacobs von Südafrika,
Moved from 1-grid.com

Helpful Team

I've been through many south african web hosts, but find that Hostking is awesome. I had one major hiccup with my website where I broke it by installing a caching plugin into my wordpress and they were willing to help. I like that...Weiterlesen they are 24/7 as I can also count on someone to be around when needed using their live chat. I also have no issues with the speed of my website. It runs nice and fast. Keep up the good work guysWeniger
De Wet
De Wet von Afghanistan,

Service down there with Axxess

Firstly, when I signed up, I had trouble with the domain - flag number one - and I had to get one of your support agents to help me. She helped me, but she signed me up for the wrong package - which I let go, cause I just needed h...Weiterlesenosting asap to move all my sites and leave the problematic host behind. Then, after migrating 2 of my bigger sites late that evening, I went to bed happy that I got those two sites moved and I could now rest - only to wake up with all 4 sites I uploaded broken. I'm talking files missing broken. While asking support for support, I also jumped in trying to fix my sites, and I managed to get the most important one fixed. The answers I got from support was "support" I guess, but still, no one answered the question WHY this happened. I got a follow-up email, and luckily there was still one site broken, and I replied with the broken site details, and just got a response that it seems like the theme might be broken - which I knew, but I needed to know WHY this happened - If I download all my files from one server, upload it to a new server, TEST IT AND IT WORKS, and the next morning it's broken, surely something had to happen? Moving on - all things considered, I didn't have the time to fight over things I got fixed myself. Today I got working again, and whap - in the middle of my work, the site stopped working. Started chatting with support, and after sending me screenshots of the site "working his side", I raised Dean's screenshot game with about 6 screenshots of sites not responding "on my end". He sent me a message I didn't understand, and then he disappeared. I was still asking about a customer care department and WHY this happened and HOW I can prevent this from happening again, but Dean felt he did his part. The following day - today - I saw my tickets were closed - without it being resolved, or even an answer on any of my questions. Still no word from any form of customer relations/support. I tried live chat again but was left hanging. I called in and asked if they could call me back - which never happened. I called in again and was informed that management was in a meeting. About 10mins later, I got a call and was informed that I exceeded my file limit, and this was the reason my sites were broken - if you are not keeping track, this was now the THIRD reason. I asked to speak to management, again and was told he went on lunch. I emailed the management email address I was given, and that bounced. I'm busy deleting 3 of my sites, cause, to access anything, I need more space on the server. Still no word from anyone at HostKing.

UPDATE: I emailed, phoned, live chatted, and tried contacting them on Facebook - still waiting a response

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Name des Angebots Speicherplatz Bandbreite Panel Seitenanzahl Preis Punktzahl
Lite 1 GB Unbegrenzt Benutzerdefiniert 1 0,95 € 3.6 Details
Tiny 6 GB Unbegrenzt Benutzerdefiniert 50 2,64 € 5.0 Details
cPanwl Personal 8 GB Unbegrenzt Benutzerdefiniert Unbegrenzt 3,22 € 3.6 Details

VPS-Hosting Angebote

Name des Angebots Speicherplatz CPU RAM OS Preis Punktzahl
STARTER 25 GB 1 Kern 2 GB 12,72 € 3.6 Details
STANDARD 50 GB 2 Kerne 4 GB 28,44 € 3.6 Details
BUSINESS 100 GB 3 Kerne 6 GB 42,85 € 3.6 Details
ULTIMATE 200 GB 4 Kerne 8 GB 60,31 € 3.6 Details

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