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Myles Brock
Myles Brock von Vereinigtes Königreich,

Absolute Trash Fire (Avoid At All Costs!!)

So I assume by the general consensus of the reviews hear you've got the gist already, but I thought I'd add my 2 cents to the pile anyway.

Site5 was OK a few years ago when it had (limited) phone support but still had some iss...Weiterlesenues (it's native Wordpress Installer didn't work for example). Since it sold out to EIG a while back however it's been in a state of steady decline. There's been too many issues to list of late but here's a small sample:

- Not updating PHP on my server leading to one of my websites getting hacked
- the "WHM" area where all websites are accessed being housed on a domain with an outdated SSL again leaving it vulnerable
- Charging me for things I didn't order
- The Live Chat box glitches out if there's more than one tab open
- Continuous price hikes with no warning

As such the service has become something I wouldn't wish upon my enemies. There are some aspects that I like such as (limited) access to Cpanel and Max Upload Filesize of 1000mb on websites however generally speaking I'd suggest people avoid this platform like the plague. I can only imagine that inertia is what's allowing them to retain whatever is left of their customer base but it seems like it's only a matter of the time before the sink ships altogether. Anyway, glad to be done with them!!
Jorge Vergara
Jorge Vergara von Vereinigte Staaten,


Login page says "This site is restricted" I have tried to resolve the issue with 6 different support agents, spent more than 2 hours each time, and none of them has been able to help me out. Those guys are completely useless. Do yourself a favor and keep your stuff away from this host!
Stephan Mayer
Stephan Mayer von Ukraine,

Website offline, staff unable to restore or provide backups

I have been using site5 since 2016 for our website that focuses on German companies that want to enter the Chinese market. For more than a week now, our website is offline. Site5 is unable (or unwilling) to help. They literally sa...Weiterlesenid "the website is not going to load in the first place, so there is nothing we can do about it." WOW. Those people there are total amateurs.Weniger
Administrador Dominios
Administrador Dominios von Dominikanische Republik,

Shameless Business

We have been using since 1996, as a small website design business we opted for the reseller account. For 24 months we have suffered the decline of its support and its service in general.

For more than a year, our CMS ...Weiterlesenhas been indicating that the version of PHP 7.2.26 on our servers was out of date and that it would soon be obsolete and no longer supported.

Since then we have repeatedly contacted Site5 technical support requesting they to inform the date when they would update the PHP version. His answer was always not being able to guarantee when they would.

About 4 months ago we were informed that the servers would not receive the PHP update and that we would inevitably have to switch to a higher plan with a higher price. Which we opposed and started migrating our websites, which would take us several months.

Oh surprise, last month we received, without notice, an invoice with a 20% increase, when we claimed they informed us that we had to pay the adjustment.

We took opportunity and asked again if with the increase they would update the version of PHP to what again they brazenly answered us that we should change to a higher plan.

If this is not a shameless / scoundrel company, what can you call it?
corn williams
corn williams von Vereinigte Staaten,

poor service and cannot get a person on the phone.

My organization has been trying to pay our hosting charge by check since January. The wrong address was listed in their records, then we sent a check to the second address but their billing department cannot seem to find the check...Weiterlesen. So, our site is down at a critical time of the year.
You can only communicate with this company thru chat and that's a joke.
We were with Host Excellence, which was a great company. Site5 sucks!!! Avoid them!!
Akiko Baldridge-Hohn
Akiko Baldridge-Hohn von Deutschland,

SHADY, DECEPTIVE with Unannounced Price Increase

I've been hosting my website for 14 years there using the $5 per month plan since February 2007 ($120 every two years). No e-mail was sent announcing a price hike, just a bill that I was planning on paying one month early and luck...Weiterlesenily noticed in-time that it was 20% higher. NO WARNING and NO EXPLANATION. It looks to me like they were hoping everyone would have auto-pay on and notice too late when nothing could be done about it. I got in touch with Billing and they and claimed an e-mail got sent out. I triple-checked and there was no e-mail, only the invoice oddly two months early. They claim they need the money and I was like, I have a one-page website using less than 100 MB of space and have nearly zero visitors. It's a hobby handcoding HTML, so for what I have been paying for and barely use, they are making tons of money off of me for 14 years since all I have is a Virtual Server dynamically sized for what I use, which is barely nothing. The person in the chat talked to their manager to give me my old price for one time only. I waited 15 minutes. Then again LYING via omission: "Here's the updated invoice. We gave you two monhts free. Invoice still says $144 but with $12 discount, so is still $132." So, they offer to give me my old price of 120 and instead of being forthright and honest, they try to make like they are doing me a big deal by saying they gave me 2 months free usage. I caught him. At first I said thank you (for the two months free) but after looking closely, I was in the midst of responding and suddenly the chat ended (they hung up on me) after they asked anything else?Weniger

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hostBasic Unbegrenzt Unbegrenzt cPanel Unbegrenzt 4,39 € 2.7 Details
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hostPro + Turbo Unbegrenzt Unbegrenzt cPanel Unbegrenzt 10,59 € 3.2 Details

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VPS2 50 GB 2 Kerne 1 GB 48,73 € 2.0 Details
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VPS4 100 GB 4 Kerne 2 GB 93,03 € 2.0 Details
VPS5 155 GB 4 Kerne 3 GB 132,90 € 3.1 Details
VPS6 200 GB 4 Kerne 4 GB 150,62 € 2.8 Details
VPS7 300 GB 4 Kerne 6 GB 221,50 € 3.1 Details
VPS8 400 GB 8 Kerne 8 GB 287,95 € 3.1 Details

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