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VPS 2,30 € - 589,11 €
Dedizierten Server 55,23 € - 165,69 €
Cloud Hosting 2,30 € - 589,11 €
DDoS-Schutz-Services 9,20 €

Data Centers

Gerhard Gessler

Angepinnte Bewertung

Gerhard Gessler,
Grosse Auswahl an Locations und excellente Auswahl an Betriebssystemen, sehr schnelles Netzwerk, auch fuer weit entfernte Clients. Für den Preis unschlagbar, Ramnode ist auch sehr gut, vielleicht bess...Weiterlesener in einigen Punkten, hat aber bei weitem nicht soviele Standorte und das Netwerk bricht in den Perak hours deutlich mehr ein.Weniger
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Shakil Thasariya
Shakil Thasariya von Indien,

Vultr is very bad

I've used Vultr using Cloudways and their server goes down often. Not a good server for speed too. They're not a reliable web hosting company. In the past, I've used their server directly with a trial period and they didn't give me my money back which was debited for credit card authentication.
D Ellis
D Ellis von Vereinigtes Königreich,
Moved from Linode

Great company

I have over 60 cloud computes with them and in over 3 years had one day of disruptions due to network issues. Their support have been fine and never had an issue reaching out to someone who knows what I want and does it profession...Weiterlesenally. All VM's with them are absolutely critical being VoIP and happy with their services. We would know very quickly if there were issues, VoIP doesn't like network issues, I/O lag or anything else that causes voice to degrade.

Highly recommend them and never had any strange billing issues.
kim loe
kim loe von Indien,

they simply give you a lucrative offer then they will charge from your card without even your permission.

they simply give you a lucrative offer then they will charge from your card without even your permission.

I added $10 to my account after that they charged me the first $50 and then $100 within two minutes.
The worst part is a...Weiterlesenfter that they deleted my account :(

PURELY SCAM Never fall for them ever
GJ GJ von Australien,

Simply the best VPS I ever had in last 15 years

I don't understand the negative reviews. This is the reason I thought to write the truth about Vultr.

I have tried different VPS from Inmotionhosting, hostingsource, ovh, VPSGet, amazon ec2, upcloud and vultr. This was also the...Weiterlesen timeline of my use. IMH was first and Vultr is current one. I was with UpCloud with literally about a week. :-) So you can imagine how bad they can be. I stayed with VPSGet just for 2 - 3 months I think. Rest all I stayed at least a year or more.

Out of all these hosting providers, if I rank them for VPS performance, then it comes like this,
1) Vultr, 2) Amazon EC2, 3) HostingSource

If I rank on customer service and support,
1) Vultr, 2) HostingSource and there is no third place unfortunately because remaining are equally bad with some worse than others. Upcloud was worst them all. HostingSource had fully managed VPS with 24/7 chat support. Which I enjoyed very much. But Vultr has ticketing system, which I was not too sure about in terms of quality of service and timeliness. But I must tell that they are damn quick in responding to my queries and I had quite a few tickets for all sorts of things I wanted to know. Just today I asked them how to get additional IP and got response in 10min with URL to follow for that. Happy to see that it is just $2/ip. Which is plus. :-)

If I rank on value for money,
1) Vultr, 2) HostingSource, 3) tie between OVH and InMotionHosting

If I rank overall. I mean if I want to get new VPS then I will go like this. If 1 not available I will go to 2 and if 1 and 2 not available I will go to 3.
1) Vultr, 2) HostingSource, 3) InMotionHosting.

If I rank overall WORST VPS providers to my experience, that I will never consider again,
1) UpCloud, 2) VPSGet (There is no 3rd as rest were ok. Amazon EC2 being most expensive of all without any reasons).

If I rank security point of view, for some reasons only time my website got hacked was when I was with InMotionHosting. I don't blame them as this was new to me with lot of vulnerabilities in code. I think all hosting providers they have security features more or less. I only used proper firewall with Amazon EC2 and then Vultr though. But never had any issues even with rest of the providers otherwise so difficult to judge.

When I joined Vultr they had free Snapshots and I was like, seriously? How can that be the case where Amazon just kept charging like crazy for it. Then last month I new from Vultr notification that these free snapshots were costing them a lot of storage and users just leaving very old snapshots stored, basicallly I think abusing free service, which is expected. :-) Human is like that afterall. Look at the pathetic state of this planet. They now removed that free snapshot service and made it quite reasonably. To me that didn't affect much because I have my robust server / DB system that helps me literally hourly backups, so never needed the snapshots anyway. I think one also need to be reasonable and see two sides of things.

I hope Vultr doesn't change their soul and keep supporting and helping their customers the way they are doing.
If so, I have no reason to leave Vultr as far as it goes.

Vultr Preise, Angebote & Eigenschaften - 2023

VPS-Hosting Angebote

Name des Angebots Speicherplatz CPU RAM OS Preis Punktzahl
High Frequency 32 GB NVMe 32 GB 1 Kern 1 GB 5,52 € 2.2 Details
High Frequency 64 GB NVMe 64 GB 1 Kern 2 GB 11,05 € 1.0 Details
High Frequency 128 GB NVMe 128 GB 2 Kerne 4 GB 22,09 € 1.6 Details
High Frequency 256 GB NVMe 256 GB 3 Kerne 8 GB 44,18 € 5.0 Details
High Frequency 384 GB NVMe 384 GB 4 Kerne 16 GB 88,37 € 5.0 Details
High Frequency 448 GB NVMe 448 GB 6 Kerne 24 GB 132,55 € 2.2 Details
High Frequency 512 GB NVMe 512 GB 8 Kerne 32 GB 176,73 € 2.2 Details
High Frequency 768 GB NVMe 768 GB 12 Kerne 48 GB 235,64 € 2.2 Details
Cloud Compute 10 GB 10 GB 1 Kern 512 MB 2,30 € 1.0 Details
Cloud Compute 25 GB 25 GB 1 Kern 1 GB 4,60 € 2.2 Details
Cloud Compute 55 GB 55 GB 1 Kern 2 GB 9,20 € 4.8 Details
Cloud Compute 80 GB 80 GB 2 Kerne 4 GB 18,41 € 1.0 Details
Cloud Compute 160 GB 160 GB 4 Kerne 8 GB 36,82 € 2.2 Details
Cloud Compute 320 GB 320 GB 6 Kerne 16 GB 73,64 € 2.2 Details
Cloud Compute 640 GB 640 GB 8 Kerne 32 GB 147,28 € 2.2 Details
Cloud Compute 1280 GB 1.25 TB 16 Kerne 64 GB 294,55 € 2.2 Details
Cloud Compute 1600 GB 1.6 TB 24 Kerne 96 GB 589,11 € 1.0 Details

Dedizierte Server-Pakete

Name des Angebots Speicherplatz CPU RAM OS Preis Punktzahl
Bare Metal 480 GB 4 x 3.80GHz 32 GB 110,46 € 2.2 Details
Dedicated 120 GB 120 GB 2 Kerne 8 GB 55,23 € 2.2 Details
Dedicated 120 GB x 2 240 GB 4 Kerne 16 GB 110,46 € 2.2 Details
Dedicated 120 GB x 3 360 GB 6 Kerne 24 GB 165,69 € 2.2 Details


Name des Angebots Speicherplatz CPU RAM Bandbreite Preis Punktzahl
10 GB SSD 10 GB 1 Kern 512 MB 500.02 GB 2,30 € 1.0 Details
25 GB SSD 25 GB 1 Kern 1 GB 1 TB 4,60 € 1.0 Details
55 GB SSD 55 GB 1 Kern 2 GB 2 TB 9,20 € 2.2 Details
80 GB SSD 80 GB 2 Kerne 4 GB 3 TB 18,41 € 2.2 Details
160 GB SSD 160 GB 4 Kerne 8 GB 4 TB 36,82 € 2.2 Details
320 GB SSD 320 GB 6 Kerne 16 GB 5 TB 73,64 € 3.4 Details
640 GB SSD 640 GB 8 Kerne 32 GB 6 TB 147,28 € 2.2 Details
1280 GB SSD 1.25 TB 16 Kerne 64 GB 10 TB 294,55 € 2.2 Details
1600 GB SSD 1.6 TB 24 Kerne 96 GB 15 TB 589,11 € 2.2 Details

Pläne mit DDoS-Schutz

Name des Angebots Funktionen Seitenanzahl Preis Punktzahl
Native DDoS Mitigation System
Up to 10Gbps protection.
Unbegrenzt 9,20 € 2.2 Details

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