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AWS re:Invent 2017: Elastic Kubernetes Cloud Servers & Fargate Orchestration

Geschrieben von: , 14.12.2017

Amazon Launches 1300 New Services for AWS Cloud Architecture: Sagemaker & DeepLens

AWS (Amazon Web Services) hosted their 6th Annual re:Invent conference in Las Vegas this year with over 40,000 people attending conference sessions and 60,000+ watching the proceedings on livestreams. Andy Jassy, the CEO of AWS, and Werner Vogels, VP & CTO at, both gave extensive keynote addresses introducing the major new product announcements. The highlights of the sessions were the unveiling of a new Elastic Kubernetes Cloud Service platform (EKS) along with the Fargate administration service for container management and cloud orchestration. AWS also announced several major new cloud services that can be used by developers in their applications for live, real-time transcription of audio/video through speech-to-text processing based on Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) which can be used for translation of data to different languages. AWS further increased the number of ways that programmers can build upon the Alexa platform for voice recognition in their applications, as well as unveiling a new DeepLens technology in partnership with Intel which represents a quick and easy way for businesses to get started building smart image & video recognition technology into their platforms using Sagemaker & Greengrass with Hyperparameter Optimization (HPO) through a number of built in AI/ML/DL algorithms. With $18 billion in annual revenue at AWS, 42% year-on-year business growth, and millions of active customers, Jassy summarized the developments by stating that "nobody has close to the functionality that AWS has" on their hosting platform at this time, including the comparable services offered by Microsoft, Google, IBM, & Oracle.


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"AWS re:Invent 2017: Elastic Kubernetes Cloud Servers & Fargate Orchestration"

DrupalCon Vienna 2017: Driesnote & State of Drupal Address

Geschrieben von: , 05.10.2017

Enterprise Content Management Scales to Over 1 Billion Page Views Per Month

DrupalCon Europe is an annual gathering for the Drupal open source development community with independent software vendors, web design companies, and representatives of the enterprise IT business ecosystem coming together at this year's event in Vienna, Austria over September 26-29th, 2017. Drupal founder and Acquia CTO Dries Buytaert gave the "State of Drupal" address to the assembly highlighting the main ways that the CMS, business ecosystem, and network of global interrelationships between community members is growing through changes as internet usage patterns evolve on new technology platforms through shifting social paradigms. Decoupled or Headless CMS usage is one of the biggest new trends in the current web development landscape with much of the latest technical work on Drupal 8 core dedicated to keeping the user interface (UX) of the software broadly competitive with the functionality offered by WordPress, Facebook, and other SaaS/PaaS companies "out of the box" for a better customer experience. Around 50% of the professional software developers using Drupal currently are also integrating Node.js and JavaScript frameworks like Angular into unique solutions to create custom web/mobile applications for clients. Buytaert is advocating for the adoption of the React JavaScript framework into Drupal 8.x core for an easier to navigate CMS in web publishing.


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"DrupalCon Vienna 2017: Driesnote & State of Drupal Address"

SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 & Container as a Service (CaaS) Platform

Geschrieben von: , 31.07.2017

HPE & Micro Focus Launch Enterprise OpenStack & Kubernetes CaaS on SUSE Linux

SUSE Linux announced the release of their Kubernetes "Container as a Service" (CaaS) platform based on SUSE MicroOS at the LinuxCon (Beijing) in June of 2017. The SUSE CaaS Platform combines with the SUSE OpenStack 7 distribution to provide complete cloud data center management solutions for enterprise corporations, government agencies, higher education, & non-profit groups. SUSE Linux is one of the oldest and most trusted enterprise Linux distributions with more than 25 years experience in open source development. The SUSE CaaS Platform & OpenStack 7 distro both represent the latest products from a new corporate entity that combines professional programming teams from Micro Focus, HPE, Autonomy, & the original "Software und System-Entwicklung" (SUSE) Linux company based in Germany.



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"SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 & Container as a Service (CaaS) Platform"

CoreOS Tectonic: Container Linux,, rkt, & etcd

Geschrieben von: , 28.07.2017

Lightweight Linux Distro for Native Kubernetes Web Server Clusters & SaaS Apps

CoreOS, the cloud software development company that manages the Container Linux distribution, recently released Tectonic version 1.64 (5/31/2017) which provides a quick and easy way to deploy a Kubernetes cluster for web/mobile app support on AWS or a self-hosted cloud server network. Core OS has over 100 open source software projects under company development on GitHub including etcd, flannel, rkt, Ignition, Clair, Matchbox, dex, and prometheus-operators. Tectonic is free to use for Kubernetes clusters of up to 10 nodes, after which a number of different enterprise, data center, & business licenses are available with professional technical support. is another cloud SaaS product offered by CoreOS under proprietary license which helps DevOps teams manage container snapshots with Docker or rkt, Kubernetes clusters, Container Linux, & CoreOS Tectonic in production at scale. includes container snapshot management features with integrated security, analytics, billing, monitoring, repository builds, automated backups, and version control for web server stack software with advanced GitHub, Bitbucket, or Gitlab support (Dockerfile Build Triggers).


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"CoreOS Tectonic: Container Linux,, rkt, & etcd"

Platform9: Managed OpenStack SaaS Cloud Orchestration with Kubernetes

Geschrieben von: , 24.07.2017

Cross-Platform Cloud Vendor Hardware Support for OpenStack & Kubernetes Cluster Servers

Platform9, a start-up company that offers managed hybrid cloud orchestration using integrated OpenStack and Kubernetes containers as a 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) product, announced a $22 million USD Series C funding round this week led by Canvas Ventures with support from Hewlett Packard, Redpoint Ventures, and Menlo Ventures. The announcement highlights a year of 360% customer growth for the company including the acquisition of key new enterprise clients like Autodesk, Sony, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Platform9 has additionally established working solutions with NetApp, Nutanix, Juniper, Dell/EMC, HPE, & other major IT corporations this year to grow cross-platform cloud interoperability on open source foundations. The company was founded by Sirish Raghuram, Madhura Maskasky, & Roopak Parikh, who all have backgrounds in technical engineering at VMware, as well as Bich Le, who created ARIES at HP Labs. Platform9 is also developing Fission, a serverless platform, and Omni, a set of extensions for OpenStack that can be used for public cloud management requirements.


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"Platform9: Managed OpenStack SaaS Cloud Orchestration with Kubernetes"

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