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CDN 0,00 € - 4.794,52 €
DDoS-Schutz-Services 19,18 € - 191,78 €

Data Centers

karan jot

Angepinnte Bewertung

karan jot,
I have 11 websites using their protection and most are on the free plan. Cloud flare is the best to protect against ddos attacks if you know how to add custom rules yourself, you can rate limit and ad...Weiterlesend page rules so spammers cannot ddos your website plus the bot fight mode tool they have is awesome!. Many people say they had bad support/late but you guys need to understand that they protect millions of websites for FREE and they take longer to reply for those reasons. The times I sent them a message they replied within 24 hours and they were helpful and professional at all times. I always recommend people cloud flare because its free to use and even the free plan will protect and stop DDOS attacks no matter how big they are.Weniger


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Lukas Müller
Lukas Müller von Deutschland,

Super CND, sehr zuverlässig und einfach praktisch

Cloudflare ist ein super CDN, sehr sehr zuverlässig, bietet sehr guten Support, Preis-Leistung 100% und bietet sehr nützliche Funktionen! Nur zu empfehlen :D

CloudFlare Preise, Angebote & Eigenschaften - 2022

CDN Pläne

Name des Angebots Bandbreite Funktionen Seitenanzahl Preis Punktzahl
Free Unbegrenzt
Limited DDoS protection
Global CDN
Shared SSL certificate
I'm Under Attack™ mode
3 Page Rules included
1 0,00 € 4.3 Details
Pro Unbegrenzt
Basic web application firewall (WAF) with Cloudflare rulesets
Image optimizations with Polish™
Mobile optimizations with Mirage™
20 Page Rules included
1 19,18 € 2.5 Details
Business Unbegrenzt
Advanced DDoS protection
Advanced web application firewall (WAF) with 25 custom rulesets
Custom SSL certificate upload
PCI compliance thanks to Modern TLS Only mode and WAF
Accelerate delivery of dynamic content with Railgun™
Prioritized support
50 Page Rules included
1 191,78 € 2.0 Details
Enterprise Unbegrenzt
24/7/365 enterprise-grade phone and email support
100% uptime guarantee with 25x reimbursement SLA
Advanced DDoS protection with prioritized IP ranges
Advanced web application firewall (WAF) with unlimited custom rulesets
Role-based account access
Multiple custom SSL certificate uploads
Access to raw logs
Named solution and customer success engineers
Access to China data centers (additional cost)
100 Page Rules included
1 4.794,52 € 2.0 Details

Pläne mit DDoS-Schutz

Name des Angebots Funktionen Seitenanzahl Preis Punktzahl
Pro Unbegrenzt 19,18 € 2.8 Details
Business Unbegrenzt 191,78 € 2.0 Details

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