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Dedizierten Server 153,38 € - 172,55 €

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Larry Verkeyn

Angepinnte Bewertung

Larry Verkeyn,
I started out as an .asp developer in 1998 with sites on a hosting provider who is now out of business. I was building my own backend administration areas for clients to be able to update their sites ...Weiterlesenthemselves. Then Wordpress grew up, and I switched to building sites with wordpress.
I have been with HostNexus for over 12 years, and currently host 13 client sites within my account. I have other client sites who came to me after purchasing other hosting at various other hosting companies. Some of these other hosts we have all heard of, some obscure. All of my headaches in my work come from the sites hosted at other companies.
In my 12 years with HostNexus my sites were down twice. Twice in 12 years... and for less than a few hours. The other hosts have issues with downtime at least once a year. When I have had issues that need support help,HN are quick to respond, and 99% of the time the problem stems from something I was doing incorrectly. The support team is unmatched in both efficiency and respect to the customer.
I'm a little worried if HostNexus gets too many of their current customers to speak out about the awesome service we receive, they will turn into one of those other large hosting companies who can't handle the amount of customers they have.... so please, don't tell everyone... just your good friends.



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HostNexus Preise, Angebote & Eigenschaften - 2022

Hosting-Angebote mit gemeinsamer Nutzung anzeigen

Name des Angebots Speicherplatz Bandbreite Panel Seitenanzahl Preis Punktzahl
alphaPRESS 10 GB Unbegrenzt Plesk 1 14,34 € 10 Details
betaPRESS 30 GB Unbegrenzt Plesk Unbegrenzt 23,92 € 10 Details
deltaPRESS 50 GB Unbegrenzt Plesk Unbegrenzt 38,31 € 10 Details

VPS-Hosting Angebote

Name des Angebots Speicherplatz CPU RAM OS Preis Punktzahl
SSD 60 60 GB 2 x 3.40GHz 4 GB 76,66 € 10 Details
SSD-100 100 GB 4 x 3.50GHz 8 GB 124,61 € 10 Details
SSD-200 200 GB 6 x 3.50GHz 16 GB 191,73 € 10 Details

Dedizierte Server-Pakete

Name des Angebots Speicherplatz CPU RAM OS Preis Punktzahl
Intel Xeon E3-1230 v2 (4x3.3GHz) 1 TB 4 x 3.30GHz 8 GB 153,38 € 10 Details
Intel Xeon E3-1270 v2 (4x3.5GHz) 1 TB 4 x 3.50GHz 16 GB 172,55 € 10 Details

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