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  • Zuverlässigkeit
    3.6 / 10
  • Preisgestaltung
    4.0 / 10
  • Benutzerfreundlichkeit
    4.1 / 10
  • Support
    2.7 / 10
  • Funktionen
    5.2 / 10

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Dienst Preisspanne
VPS 43,70 € - 168,55 € Angebote ansehen
Dedicated Server 190,84 € - 766,04 € Angebote ansehen
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Servint Expertenbewertung 2019

Geschrieben von: Michael Lavnduski

Servint Wertung

  • Zuverlässigkeit
    10 / 10
  • Preisgestaltung
    9 / 10
  • Benutzerfreundlichkeit
    9 / 10
  • Support
    9 / 10
  • Funktionen
    9 / 10
Bewertet mit von Michael Lavnduski
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Expert Overview

One of the oldest privately owned web hosting companies

Founded in 1995, this is one of the oldest and most established hosting companies still around.  Impressively, they are still privately owned and run by the individual who started them (while still going to school), Reed Caldwell.  He has helped take his single web server operation from a simple hosting company to one of the top hosting providers to businesses in the world, serving customers from over 60 countries.

The company focuses primarily on high end websites, offering VPS and managed dedicated hosting services.  They also provide top of the line technical support to help their customers keep everything up and running smoothly.

Their servers are located in their data centers, which are in Virginia.

Uptime & Reliability

Very stable hosting at all levels

Servint’s hosting is very reliable, though they don’t have any SLAs or guarantees, at least none that are widely marketed.  They have a high end data center to house all their servers, and whether you get a VPS or dedicated server, it will be set up and configured well for optimal stability.

In addition, there have been very few outages reported by current and former customers, which is a very good sign.


Many nice features focused on higher end customers

Most of the features they offer are tailored to meet the needs of their higher end business customers.  For example, they do most of the management for their websites, so businesses can simply focus on their main jobs.

They don’t have too many different packages to choose from, which makes it easier for people to pick what they need without too much confusion.  Of course, this may be limiting to those who want to be able to select only what they need.

In addition to providing their web hosting services to many businesses, Servint also has a charitable division that offers free hosting, email and web training to non-profit organizations.


Exceptional technical support available 24/7/365

Servint knows that they need to be able to provide the best technical support to their customers, and that is just what they do. They have live email, chat and phone support available 24/7/365.  When you speak to one of their local technicians you can be confident that they are an expert who will be able to help get your issues fixed fast.


Fair pricing based on the packages provided

While the prices may seem high at first, they are about average for the industry once you look at what they are offering.  Even their VPS services start at around $50 per month, but the specs on the servers is well above average.

It is clear that they aren’t trying to compete based on having the lowest price, however, but that is not a bad thing given that their target audience is primarily medium to large sized businesses.


Excellent hosting for larger customers

Overall this is one of the best hosting companies around today.  It is extremely stable and has been serving their customers for a very long time.  Customer support and high quality services are clearly a priority for Servint.


  • One of the oldest privately run hosting companies
  • Focused only on high quality hosting
  • Provides free services to many charities
  • Operating a 'green initiative' to help eliminate environmental footprint


  • No shared hosting plans
  • Prices are higher than many other VPS services



Servint besuchen Pakete & Preise ansehen

Servint Preise, Angebote & Eigenschaften - 2019

VPS-Hosting Angebote

Name des Angebots Speicherplatz RAM OS Preis Score
60 GB 1.5 GB 43,70 € 2.8
65 GB 2 GB 52,62 € 3.9
50 GB 3 GB 61,53 € 3.9
50 GB 4.5 GB 79,37 € 3.9
90 GB 4 GB 79,37 € 3.9
50 GB 6 GB 97,20 € 3.9
50 GB 7.5 GB 115,04 € 3.9
120 GB 6 GB 115,04 € 3.9
50 GB 9 GB 132,88 € 3.9
50 GB 10.5 GB 150,71 € 3.9
50 GB 12 GB 168,55 € 3.9

Dedizierte Server-Pakete

Name des Angebots Speicherplatz RAM OS Preis Score
500 GB 24 GB 190,84 € 3.9
500 GB 48 GB 293,40 € 3.9
1 TB 96 GB 480,67 € 3.9
2 TB 128 GB 766,04 € 3.9

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