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  • Zuverlässigkeit
    9.1 / 10
  • Preisgestaltung
    8.9 / 10
  • Benutzerfreundlichkeit
    9.1 / 10
  • Support
    9.2 / 10
  • Funktionen
    8.9 / 10

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Michael Dobler
  • Zuverlässigkeit2
  • Preisgestaltung6
  • Benutzerfreundlichkeit8
  • Support2
  • Funktionen6

Nach fast 2 Jahren sagen wir nein danke

Verwendeter Dienst: VPS - VPS-PLUS
Wir sind seit fast 2 Jahren bei Hostpapa, am Anfang war alles ok, seit einigen Monaten werden ständig unsere Kreditkarten doppelt belastet und wir erhalten keine Rückerstattung, Jetzt haben wir gekündigt, jedoch erhalten wir nicht...Weiterlesen
Dejan Djormic
  • Zuverlässigkeit10
  • Preisgestaltung10
  • Benutzerfreundlichkeit10
  • Support10
  • Funktionen10

Ausgezeichneter Domainanbieter

Verwendeter Dienst: VPS
Ich muss zugeben, dass mich Hostpapa etwas beeindruckt hat. Als es Schwierigkeiten gab, war der Papasquat immer zur Stelle um weiterzuhelfen. Das Logo mit dem Namen finde ich witzig. Außerdem ist Hostpapa auch ein ganz günstiger A...Weiterlesen
Freak Danzen
  • Zuverlässigkeit10
  • Preisgestaltung10
  • Benutzerfreundlichkeit10
  • Support10
  • Funktionen10

Go Hostpapa Go!

Verwendeter Dienst: Shared
Ich bin so aufgeregt , dass ich den Schalter. Ich ändere alles über ihnen. Ich bin müde von GoDaddy langsamen Server Problem und ihre nicht fürsorgliche Haltung über sie.
Günther Schmidt
  • Zuverlässigkeit10
  • Preisgestaltung10
  • Benutzerfreundlichkeit10
  • Support10
  • Funktionen10

Ausgezeichnete Web-Hosting

Verwendeter Dienst: Shared
Wir verwenden Hostpapa für Wordpress und Joomla Websites. Ausgezeichnete Web mit sehr guten technischen Support Hosting. Empfehlen Sie Freunde und Familie.


Dienst Preisspanne
Shared Hosting 3,48 € - 11,41 € Angebote ansehen
VPS 17,61 € - 96,92 € Angebote ansehen
SSL 0,00 € Angebote ansehen
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HostPapa Expertenbewertung 2018

Geschrieben von: Ilya Hazanov

HostPapa Wertung

  • Zuverlässigkeit
    8 / 10
  • Preisgestaltung
    5 / 10
  • Benutzerfreundlichkeit
    6 / 10
  • Support
    9.6 / 10
  • Funktionen
    9 / 10
Bewertet mit von Ilya Hazanov

HostPapa: Green Business Hosting

HostPapa was founded in 2006, and is based in the US and Canada, with server headquarters based in Toronto. While it’s now common for web hosts to offset their carbon footprint by buying green energy credits, but that trend was started by HostPapa. HostPapa does more than the usual – offsetting just their data centers – and purchases green credits for the amount of energy used by their entire company. Instead of just doing something to boast of it on a button on their site, it seems they really want to do the right thing. HostPapa gives a lot away in the most basic package:  unlimited domains, bandwidth, disk space, and MySQL databases. There are also some features like a promotional campaign package, a nice website builder, and support.

Uptime & Reliability


Secure and Reliable

HostPapa says it provides “100% Service Guarantee” and boasts of 99.9% uptim or your money back. That number holds up almost perfectly during testing. The servers are great, thanks to solid hardware with Linux on board, constant site monitoring, a backup power system, and a great firewall.



Economical Price, Many Add-on Features

HostPapa lures you in with unlimited domains and subdomains, bandwidth, disk space, MySQL 5.1 databases, and emails, then tried to fork over some big bucks for a a wide variety of features. They offer great small business tools, like programs for blogs and e-commerce solutions. If you’re a Google fan, you can spend a little bit and get access to a Google Apps package. You also get a free marketing package with some credits for promotional tools, to help get you started with a campaign.
Feature Description
BandwidthAll HostPapa accounts include unlimited bandwidth.
Disk SpaceAll HostPapa accounts include unlimited disk space.t
Website BuilderHostPapa’s site builder, SohoLauch, is included in all packages for free, and is surprisingly easy to use. You can add in such advanced features as shopping carts, photo albums, and blogs.
Email AccountsAll HostPapa accounts include unlimited email accounts.
Shopping CartsAll HostPapa accounts include OS Commerce Cart and ZenCart Shopping Cart. Your HostPapa account is also compatible to be used as a PayPal merchant.
StatsYou can track your website traffic with AWStats, Webalizer, or Analog.t
MySQL databasesAll HostPapa accounts include an unlimited number of MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin.t
FTP AccountAll HostPapa accounts include unlimited FTP accounts with constant access.t
Multiple DomainsAll HostPapa accounts include unlimited number of domains and websites for each account.t



Help, I Need Somebody!

HostPapa’s provides support via phone, live chat, or a ticketed system; however, you’ll find a plethora of complaints on the web about slow response times and poor technical support. However, we were impressed with the library of video tutorials and the user forum space—there are even  articles in Spanish and French.



Sneaky Charges

In a decision I’ll call “not the coolest move,” HostPapa opted for the sneaky move of pre-checking add-ons during the check out process. So although there are great, competitive prices, pay attention to the total before you confirm payment. If it doesn’t look right, it might not be. For example, a Private Domain for $8.99, SiteLock for $14.95, and domain extension after the first free year for $15 are all auto-checked. There is a $29.95 setup fee that HostPapa generously waives when you sign up (thanks, HostPapa), but if you take advantage of the money-back guarantee and cancel, you’re then charged that previously waived $29.95 setup fee (not cool, HostPapa). If you read the fine print, you can get a good web host at a great price, but there’s a sense that feels like they’re trying to take advantage of people who aren’t paying the closest of attention. As a side note, if you want a dedicated IP address, you can do so for an extra $36 per year.

User Friendly


Easy Signup, Easy Use

HostPapa’s site is organized and even has an often-updated blog. (Who actually has an often-updated blog?!) Packages are clearly distinguished, and signup is a breeze. HostPapa opted for cPanel, the standard across many web hosts. But even if you’re familiar with cPanel, you may be surprised by how full your HostPapa cPanel is: because of all of the included features and products even in the basic package, your page may be more cluttered than you’re used to. If you like WordPress, you can easily install it from cPanel, complementary in all packages.


HostPapa isn’t the cheapest on the block, but for small businesses looking for features like help with blogs or e-commerce, this is a good fit. You need to pay attention during checkout, and you might choose to solve your own support issues, but with those caveats in mind, the packages are priced well considering the included features. PROS
  • Truly green company
  • Excellent, timely support
  • Fantastic add-on features
  • Unlimited basics (domains, email, bandwidth, etc)
  • Lengthy contracts
  • Sneaky, auto-selected add-ons
  • Waived setup fee charged if you cancel
  • Poor customer service
  • Limited technical tools
  • Difficulty with cancellations
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HostPapa Preise, Angebote & Eigenschaften - 2018

Hosting-Angebote mit gemeinsamer Nutzung anzeigen

Name des Angebots Speicherplatz Bandbreite Seitenanzahl Preis Score
50 GB Unbegrenzt 2 3,48 € 8.9
Unbegrenzt Unbegrenzt Unbegrenzt 3,48 € 9.2
Unbegrenzt Unbegrenzt Unbegrenzt 11,41 € 7.1

VPS-Hosting Angebote

Name des Angebots Speicherplatz CPU RAM OS Preis Score
50 GB 4 Kerne 1.5 GB 17,61 € 4.8
100 GB 8 Kerne 3 GB 35,24 € 10
200 GB 8 Kerne 6 GB 96,92 € 10

SSL Pläne

Name des Angebots Funktionen Garantie Preis Score
Let's Encrypt SSL
FREE SSL with hosting
0,00 € 0,00 € 7.2
Beim Kauf eines Hosting-Dienstes von HostPapa ist eine kostenlose Domain inkludiert



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